Warning : - Because the application we give contains a financial risk, you should download it carefully and consider investing money in it. If you use the application to harm someone, we won't be held liable.

Rummy Ares APK

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Rummy Yes APK Download :- Friends, at the request of you people, we have brought a very good app for you. Yes, friends, to say that you people were saying a lot in the comments that you have brought a new app for us, in which Bonus ₹51 is available and If the minimum withdrawal is 100, then I think it can be this app, Rummy DEITY App is the name of this application.

Rummy Yes Apk Review !

Friends, I found great features in this that all those games are available in it, which many people like to play. Because of this, we were reminded that Teen Patti Yes Apk has recently gained quite a bit of popularity, and in such a short amount of time. The Yes Rummy application was released on this 21 September 2021, which is also the launch date of this application.

Yes Rummy App Specification !

For you, we are that important Specification tells about, Which is the identity of this application, we present the best features that we have found in it, as follows. For you, we are that important Specification tells about. By reading which you will not be able to know about all but some of the best features.

  1. The best special feature that is given in Yes Rummy, which is named games because unlimited games are available to play inside this application.
  2. On the other hand, the good features we have kept are called bonus programs. In this Sign-Up Bonus of ₹51 is available, which you can win even more money by playing the game.
  3. Now you have come to earn money without investing in it, then in this Rummy Yes APK, features have been given to earn without adding money, whose name is Refer & Earn.
  4. Friends, Super Fast Payment is available in this application, that is, if you withdraw money in it, then it gets transferred to a very fast bank account.

What is Available Games in Rummy Yes APK

Rummy Yes App Games
Rummy Yes APK Games

Friends, only for you people, total 20 games have been given in it, in which the most special game is Ludo Game. For those who do not like to play any Game like Teen Patti, Ludo has been provided by the game game for them, so that those people also do not have any problem.

1.Ludo11.10 Cards
2.Rummy12.Black Jack
3.Teen Patti13.Best of five
4.Variation14.Teen Patti 20-20
6.Car Roulette16.Fruit Line
7.Zoo Roulette17.3 Card Poker
8.7 Up 7 Down18.Fishing Rush
9.Andar Bahar19.Baccarat

Create Account in the Rummy Yes APK ?

Friends, the easier it is to make an account in it, the easier it is to create an account, by this you must have understood, how easy it is to create an account in it. I hope you have already understood the riddle I used to communicate with you. Let’s now talk about how to register for an account there. Therefore, you must take some of the following actions in order to create an account there. In this case, you will need to register for an account if you want to use the Yes Rummy app.

download button
  • First of all you have to Download Yes Rummy APK.
  • And you get downloaded quite easily.
  • After that you have to install and open it.
  • Then it will automatically send you to the home page.
  • After that you have to click on Profile and click on the small button with Bind.
  • There you have to enter your Mobile Number, Password, Confirm Password and OTP.
  • After that you have to click on Register.
  • So in this you account will be created, and you will get a bonus of ₹51.

Details of Add Money Program in Rummy Yes APK

Add Cash - Rummy YES APK

If you people are not able to play the game with its bonus, then only ₹51 is given in this bonus, and ₹51 falls very short in gaming till very high level, If the 51 bonus given to you remains on less then you understand that you are a big gamer. And if you guys have earned a lot of money by playing the bonus given in the game, then before withdrawing,

No one would have told you that a lot of bugs are also found in Yes Rummy application, so we are already informing you, And my only suggestion would be that you should add at least money to it, otherwise you can be cheated a lot, And if you have added a lot of money to it, then you should not bet more money in one go, then this is also the rule of the company, the more money you bet, The company will keep on beating you, so try to wait at least

Ways to Add Money Program

In Yes Rummy Application you can add at least ₹100 very easily, And you must be thinking that if more money cannot be added to it, then friends, you can add as much money as you want. Following are the ways to add money to it.

  • The app has to be opened.
  • Then click on the button with Add Cash.
  • Now you have to select your money.
  • After that you have to click on the Pay button.
  • So it will send to another website.
  • There you have to select your payment method.
  • After that you have to fill your information.
  • after that you have to finish your work.
  • So now you’ve put your money in it.

Add Money Extra Bonus 👇

Friends, you must know that adding money inside any app gives some extra bonus. And in the same way, some percent extra bonus is also given on adding money to it.

  • On adding Rs 1000 money : Bonus of 2%
  • Adding ₹3000 gives a bonus of 2.5%.
  • Adding ₹5000 gives a bonus of 3%.
  • Adding ₹8000 gives a bonus of 3.5%.
  • Adding ₹10000 gives a bonus of 4%.
  • Adding ₹30000 gives a bonus of 4.5%.
  • Adding ₹50000 gives a bonus of 5%.
  • Adding ₹100000 gives a bonus of 5.5%.

What we have told you above, on adding money to it, extra bonus is given which is given by the particular company.

Details of Refer & Earn in Rummy Yes APK

Rummy Yes APK Refer Earn
Rummy Yes APK Refer Earn

So let’s talk now, about some extra frauds of Rummy Yes App, yes it is shown by the company in its refer & earn program that, In this you will get a live time commission of 30 percent, but nothing like this happens, in this you are given commission of only under 10%, We will have this in your mind that how did we come to know that 30 percent commission has been given in this name only.

You let us tell you that we have also earned a lot of these apps, so we are telling you our opinion, So that you do not face the problem in which we are stuck at all, and in any app, an application to get commission of 15% to 30% is given, We have also told you some mistakes of this application, so that we can contact the company and ask them to tell us why you are telling this, but we have told Only for you. You allowed us to inform you that you have earned many of these apps as well.

What is Safe Program in Rummy Yes APK ?

Rummy YES APK Safe Program

Friends, to keep your money safe, a safe program has been given in it, which you can use if you want to. In this, the option of securing yourself and then getting out of it has been given, which we have explained well below.

  • Save :- Through this medium you can save your account money in this program, In this, you have to put your money and click on the button with Save, then in this way you can save your money under the save program.
  • Take Out :- And with this, you can unsave your money that you had saved inside save, that is, you can withdraw your money from this save program. you have to put your money and click on the button with Take Out, With this you can withdraw your money.

How Can i Withdraw Money in Rummy Yes App ?

If you guys have forgotten and deposited some money in it, I mean to say that you have earned money inside this application, If you do not know how much money has been kept in this for the minimum withdrawal, then let us tell you that the minimum withdrawal has been kept inside Rummy Yes App for only ₹ 100. Which you can probably accomplish quite easily, in such a situation, you may also have to face some problems in taking Withdraw for the first time. As there may also be a problem of the withdrawal not being successful.

  • But such a problem comes only occasionally, if you face such a problem, then you must talk to its employee, they give you a solution.
  • We have seen a problem in this, in which if we go inside the program with its withdrawal, then it does not show any means of withdrawal. But after some time the company has automatically fixed this problem, Due to which we no longer get to see this problem.

How To Withdraw Money in Rummy Yes App ?

Just now let’s talk that if you have deposited the minimum withdrawal amount in it, that is, you have completed the withdrawal amount of ₹ 100 in it, So you will definitely have to transfer that money to your bank. And we have solved some similar problems facing you in this article, so let us now get the information about how to invest your money in Withdraw.

  • For this you have to first open the application.
  • Then you have to click on the withdrawal program.
  • After that now you have to select your payment method (UPI / Bank).
  • And then you have to fill your payment information.
  • So now you are able to make withdrawals.
  • Now you have to fill your withdrawal amount.
  • Again you have to click on the Withdrawal button.
  • This will make your withdrawal successful.
  • And in no time it will be received in your bank account.

Rummy Yes App Pros And Cons

Like we have told in some articles that which one is bad in all these apps and which one is good, that is, what are the Pros & Cons in it. So let’s solve this problem very easily and extend this article further. In which we get information very briefly by dividing pros and cons into two parts.

  1. Pros :- In such a situation, if seen, no program has been given in it, in which there are no bugs, I have not found any program that works in a very proper way in this, Nevertheless, in spite of this, such programs of games were given which may not be found in other apps, it has all the games that people like to play very much. But if we talk about any other good features apart from this, then it can probably be refer & earn, in which a commission of 30 percent is given for the name itself.
  2. Cons :- Now let’s talk about the biggest weakness of this app, which no one can stop from calling this app bad, Recently, two accounts of our application have been closed, that is, one of our accounts has been frozen. Suppose that this problem can be solved by saying by the company, but the employees talking in it absolutely refuse to solve this problem, They say that you must have done some wrong thing, that’s why your account has been frozen. Which was a complete lie, I had just left this application by creating an account and was thinking of earning by referring & earning,

What is Froud in Rummy Yes App ?

In this, only 5% to 10% commission is available, 30 percent commission is given only for pleasing, Yes, my dear friends, 30% commission is shown in this that you get 30% commission on referral, but you will be quite surprised to learn that 30% commission is not given in this at all. As we have already mentioned, a major accident occurred to me with Rummy Yes App, and that was to close my account. In addition, 30% in refer and earn in Rummy Yes APK is given in name only.

Rummy Yes APK Questions & Answers

Que. 1. How much bonus is available in Rummy Yes APK?

Ans. In Rummy Yes App, a bonus of ₹51 is available in the form of Sign-Up Bonus.

Que. 2. What is the minimum withdrawal in Teen Patti Yes APK?

Ans. The minimum withdrawal has been kept at ₹100.

Que. 3. How much money can be earned in 1 day from Rummy Yes APK ?

Ans. Friends, in Rummy Yes App you can do Unlimited Earning in a day, there is no limit to the maximum earning in this.

Que. 4. How much referral commission do you get in Rummy Yes App ?

Ans. 30% referral commission do you get in this application?

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