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Rummy Soft APK Download | Bonus ₹20 | Soft Rummy App

App NameRummy Vungo APK
Launch Date2023
Size30.9 MB
BonusRs. 20
Min. WithdrawRs. 100
Referral CommissionUpto 30%
Download APKRummy Soft Download

Rummy Soft APK Download – In this composition, we’re going to tell you the Soft Rummy Operation of India, in which you people are going to get a perk of ₹ 30, so that you can run by playing a veritably good game, this operation is also veritably popular in the recent past. However, also it can prove to be veritably good for you guys, If it is.

Rummy Soft APK
Rummy Soft APK

And the stylish thing about this game is that in this operation you get that payment veritably presto like if you guys make any pullout also your pullout won’t be canceled and your pullout will be successfully credited to your bank account. will be transferred.

Rummy Soft APK First Look !

Rummy Soft APK

As you guys can see in the below image that how the interface of this game and its features are seen, for the first time if you people produce your account inside this operation also you’ll have to pay ₹ 30 And to play the game, you also get the support of numerous different types of games, so it becomes veritably good for you.

Rummy Soft APK Specification !

Inside this Rummy Soft APK, you people get to see numerous different types of programs, through which you can earn plutocrat, the following are some important and veritably popular programs plant in this.

  • The first program inside this game is that you get a chance to earn plutocrat by playing M, under which you get the support of numerous different types of total 15 types of games, which you people in different orders. can see this
  • In this, a veritably good program has been done for Refer and Earn, for which you have to click on the banner with further free gas, in which you people can know about all the programs plant inside this operation and click on the captain button on your You can also invite musketeers.
  • A pullout program has been given inside it, under which you can transfer your plutocrat to the bank after completing a minimum of ₹ 500 and if you produce a new account, also the minimal pullout has been kept at ₹ 110.
  • It has a free cash program analogous to a diurnal perk in which you can get up to a outside of ₹ 10 per day.

How Many Supported Games in Rummy Soft APK ?

A total of 15 different types of games are supported inside the friends application, in which you get a lot of games, the list of all the games is as follows.

  1. Point Rummy
  2. Ludo
  3. 3 Patti
  4. EK Patti
  5. Poker War
  6. Happy Farmer
  7. Best of Five
  8. Fishing Rush
  9. Pool Rummy
  10. 7 Up Down
  11. 3 Patti Joker
  12. Cricket Battle
  13. Lucky Lottery
  14. Taxes Holdem
  15. Vegas Fruits

Refer & Earn Information !

Soft Rummy APP Refer & Earn

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In this Rummy Soft APK, two types of delegation are available in Refer and Earn, first you get recharge commission and second you get chapter commission, all the information of both the commissions are given below.

  1. Recharge Commissions – To get recharge commission, there is a program of commission on 6 different types of labels, ranging from 6% to maximum 15%.
  2. Affiliate Commissions – There is a program to get affiliate commission ranging from 2% to 10% in 5 different labels to get affiliate commission.

Recharge Commission Details !

In the recharging commission, there are six possible labels. The following are six different commission program is required into six labels:

  1. Bronze – 6% Commission
  2. Silver – 8% Commission
  3. Gold – 10% Commission
  4. Platinum – 12% Commission
  5. Diamonds – 14% Commission
  6. Master – 16% Commission

Affiliate Commissions Details !

Affiliate offers 5 different labels. The following are five separate commission programs organised into five labels:

  1. Level 1 – 2% Affiliate
  2. Level 2 – 4% Affiliate
  3. Level 3 – 6% Affiliate
  4. Level 4 – 8% Affiliate
  5. Level 5 – 10% Affiliate

Add Cash Program in Rummy Soft APK !

Rummy Soft APK Add Cash Rule

Still, also you have been given a minimal ₹ 100 announcement cash program in which if you want to add ₹ 100, also for this you have to click on the add Cash button on the home runner, If you guys want to add your plutocrat inside this operation. After that, after opting the quantum, you have to click on a button with the Add Cash again, so that you’ll go to the payment runner and by paying from there you can add your plutocrat inside this operation.

Withdrawal Information in Rummy Soft APP !

In this operation, for the first time a pullout of ₹ 110 has been kept, also if you complete ₹ 110, also you can withdraw it as a First pullout mode, but since also the minimal pullout in this operation is ₹ 500 becomes and also you guys can withdraw this quantum through your bank after completing ₹ 500.

How to Withdraw Cash In Rummy Soft APK ?

Rummy Soft APK Withdrawal Money

To take withdrawal in this app you need to follow the following Steps –

  • First of all complete the minimal ₹ 500 if you’re doing it for the first time also it’ll be done in ₹ 110 also
  • After that click on the Withdraw button in which elect any payment mode and also click on the Withdrawal Info button and fill in your pullout details.
  • After that fill your pullout quantum in the box with the pullout quantum and also click on the Withdraw button.
  • After doing all this your pullout will be submitted successfully if you guys want to see its record also click on button with pullout record.

Rummy Soft APK Customer Service

Musketeers, if you face any kind of problem on you people inside this operation, also online client support has been done in it to get the result of those problems, which is good thing that you guys find result of nearly every problem then. Because in this I’ve also plant the result of numerous problems and you’ll also find it.

Most Important Links !

How to Download Rummy Soft APK ?

Musketeers, if you guys want to download the vacation, also for this you have to click on this download button given below and after that you’ll go to the sanctioned website of this operation, where you’ll have to click on the download button given to the people. You have to download the app and install it on your smartphone, so that you people will be suitable to earn.

Watch Video About This Game

Musketeers, you guys can watch this videotape to know about Rummy Soft APK in which you’ll get all the information about this operation.

Q&A of Rummy Soft APK !

Question 1. How much bonus do you get in Rummy Soft APK ?

Answer :- On creating an account in this, you are given a bonus of ₹ 30.

Question 2. How many types of games can we play in Rummy Soft App ?

Answer :- It has 15 different game types to play.

Question 3. Can we play 7up down game in Rummy Soft APK.

Answer :- Yes, you can play 7 Up Down game.

Question 4. What is the minimum withdrawal given for withdrawing money in Rummy Soft APK ?

Answer :- Although a minimum withdrawal of ₹ 500 has been kept in this, but you can also withdraw ₹ 110 for the first time.

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